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Bare Necessities index (BNI)


    Well inequalities in access to Bare Necessities, like Drinking Water Sanitation hygiene and housing conditions continue to exist between urban and rural India despite widespread improvements in each of these aspects the economic survey for 2020-2021 has shown using a Newly constructed Bare Necessities index (BNI).

     The BNI Builds on the idea of thalinomics in the economic survey for 2019-20 through which it had sought to examine the access to food in the country.

    The BNI summarizes 26 indicators on five Dimensions Water, Sanitation, housing, microenvironment and other facilities and has been created for all states for 2012 to 2018 using National Statistical Office (NSO) data.

    The index classifies areas in three levels of access high, medium, low to Bare Necessities. The survey has underlined the need to focus on reducing variations in the access to Bare Necessities across States between rural and urban areas and between income groups.


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