Compare Psychology with Anthropology

Anthropology has a broad paradigm that no other discipline can compare in its entirety. Any other discipline can only be related to one of its four components at a time. In this respect, psychology can be compared with socio-cultural anthropology.

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Psychology is the study of the individual psyche. Meanwhile, socio-cultural anthropology explores culture, which is a collective psyche. Thus, the former is individualistic, while the latter is collective.

Because of these differences, British social anthropologists were resistant to incorporate psychology in anthropological research. However, cultural anthropologists in the United States, led by Franz Boas and his students, welcomed its inclusion. Their efforts resulted in the emergence of the Culture-Personality school of thought in anthropology, which relies on an anthropo-psychological approach. Behavioral techniques of psychology were now commonly used by anthropologists. The introduction of social biology and social psychology has taken the two fields ever closer.

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Nowadays, following an international, interdisciplinary approach, we do not compare different subjects. Rather, we put them together on a single forum so that they can all benefit from each other. As a result, this led to the birth of a new discipline – psychological anthropology.

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