Define Morals: Morality at Individual and Societal level

What are Morals?

Morals are the values that provide behavioral rules by which we make decisions between right and wrong. Morals, therefore, are far more about good and bad than other values. We judge others’ moral strongly on Moral than values. A person can be described as immoral and yet there is no word for them not following the values.

Morality at Individual and Societal level

Like values, morals are relatively consistent and stable and can have existence both at personal and social levels. For an individual, morality can be defined as a set of personal standards that make up the individual character or the degree of individuals attachment to generally accepted standards of behavior held within a society at a particular point in time. For a society, morality is accepted standards of behavior within a society at a given point in time.

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Morals have greater social elements than values. Our moral judgments express our values but not all expressions of our values are moral judgments.

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