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Earth in Brief: Important Facts About Our Planet

    • The earth is spherical in shape.
    • The ups and downs on the surface of earth are quite small as compared to its size.
    • The radius of the earth is 6,371 km.
    • The earth rotates about an imaginary axis that passes through its center.
    • The earth revolves around the sun in a definite path known as orbit.
    • All living things need air, water, soil, food, sunlight and heat for their existence.
    • The interior of the earth can be broadly divided into three layers.
      • The outermost layer of the earth is called the crust,
      • The middle one is called the mantle and
      • The innermost is called the core.
    • The atmosphere of the earth has gases like nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapour.
    • The atmosphere acts like a blanket in protecting our earth from getting too hot due to heat and light received from the sun.
    • The atmosphere also does not allow harmful components of sunlight to reach the earth’s surface.
    • Water has many special properties that play an important role for the existence of life.
    • The oceans play an important role in many natural processes.
    • The soil provides minerals and water to plants and gives them support as they grow.
    • The earth and planets revolving around the sun are a part of the solar system.
    • There are 8 known planets (Pluto is not included) in our solar system.
    • The earth fulfills all the conditions essential for the existence of life.
    • So far, scientists have not found evidence of the existence of life on any other planet.
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