What is Black Money?

Black Money refers to a sum of money that is unaccounted i.e. we have not declared it to the legal authorities.

Money laundering and its Stages

Define Money Laundering And Its 3 Stages: Money laundering is a process of converting illegal money into legal money. It is the process that hides illegal profit without compromising.

Tax Haven Explained in Depth

Tax Haven can generally be defined as an offshore country that offers foreign individuals and companies little or no tax liability in an economically and politically static environment.

What is hawala?

Hawala (‘Havaleh’ in Persian) is an alternative or parallel remittance system that operates outside or parallel to the traditional banking system. It …

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Bare Necessities index (BNI)

Well inequalities in access to Bare Necessities, like Drinking Water Sanitation hygiene and housing conditions continue to exist between urban and rural …

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