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A agreement in which an insurance company provides medical coverage to the insurer is known as health insurance. A health insurance policy pays for hospitalisation, surgeries, and day-care procedures, among other things as mentioned in the policy.

List of Top 5 Best Health Insurance Companies in the US 2022

There are numerous private healthcare insurance specialists in the United States. Here are the top 5 health insurance companies, according to NAIC data for 2022:

1. Anthem, Inc.

Anthem, Inc. is a health-care company dedicated to improving people’s lives and making healthcare more accessible. It aspires to be the most forward-thinking, valuable, and inclusive partner possible. It has a 6.2 percent market share.

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2. UnitedHealth

Competence, high tech, and data and health documentation are the core capabilities of UnitedHealth Group, a wide – ranging health and quite well company. It has a 14.1 percent market share.

3. Cigna Health

Cigna Corporation is a multinational health-care company. It has a 3.1 percent market share.

4. Kaiser Foundation

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. is a non-profit healthcare organisation that provides services in nephrology, cardiology, paediatric rehabilitation, dermatology, and other pharmacy. Patients in the United States are served by the company. It has a 8.3 percent market share.

5. Centene Corp

It is a multi-national company having a market share of 6%. It provides wide range of health insurance.

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