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History is the bridge of past and present. Discuss.

    The material of history is the historical facts of the past and the historian represents the present. All historical facts are past and present in the nature of the interaction process of selection and interpretation.

    If facts represent the past, the historian represents the present. It is not a dialogue between lonely individuals, but a dialogue between past and present society.

    Thus past and present are related to each other in history. But this does not mean that history is not concerned with the future. The reality is that the past, present and future have equal importance in history. The interest in the present prompts the historian to observe the past, the idea of a happy future for the future generation remains in his mind.

    In short it can be said that history is a bridge connecting the past and the present.

    The historian through this bridge observes those facts of the past to the contemporary society which are interesting and useful for the present.

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