American Revolution: Causes, Impact, Significance & Theories

American Revolution of 1776 was one of the greatest events in modern world history. It was the first successful example of the struggle of colonial people against foreign rule. Its ideas and principles inspired humanity over the generation. The direct and indirect effects of the American Revolution was field all over the globe in one […]

[Latest] Ghatna Chakra New History Book PDF Download in Hindi & English for Free

Ghatna Chakra New History Book PDF

The Sam Samayik Ghatna Chakra History Books is an excellent resource for anyone who wishes to study for any competitive exams relating to History. Ghatna Chakra New Indian History Book is filled with information that’s great to know and necessary to prepare for any Competitive Exams. If you would like to have these Ghatna Chakra […]

Decline of Indian industries during British rule

British economic policies had disastrous consequences on India. Due to this, the rural economy of India was shattered. Agriculture declined and industries were destroyed, instead of cottage industries, more attention was paid to preparing the same by machines. As a result, the development of modern industries started in place of cottage industries. British Economic Policies […]

Annexation of Sind (1843)

Annexation of Sind

The state of Sindh, situated in the lower valley of the Indus river, the western border of India, was situated like a chain joining the Arabian Sea in the south, Rajputana in the east, Punjab in the north-east and Afghanistan and Central Asia in the north. In 1773 AD, Talpura, a branch of the Baluchi […]

First & Second Anglo-Burmese War: Causes and Results

first second anglo burmese war causes and results

Like elsewhere, the British government, under its expansionist policy, expanded its territory towards the north-eastern frontier and assimilated the independent state of Burma into the British Empire with the help of three wars. Anglo-Burmese War The British trade relations with Burma were established in the latter half of the 16th century. But when the British […]

Constitutional Development in India during Warren Hastings

Constitutional Development in India during Warren Hastings

The reign of Warren Hastings is noted for constitutional developments. Significant changes were made in the constitution of the company during his time. This change took place through two legislations – Regulating Act and Pitt’s India Act. These two laws provided a definite direction to the company administration. Before the passage of this law, the […]

Lord Cornwallis Reforms in India (1786-1793)

lord cornwallis reforms in india 1786 1793

Lord Cornwallis came to India in 1886 as the Governor General. He was an honest man of that high house. At that time there was corruption in the Company’s governance which he wanted to end. So as soon as he arrived and made a program of reforms. The Reforms of Lord Cornwallis Due to the […]

Reforms of Lord Dalhousie (1848-1856) in India

reforms of lord dalhousie 1848 1856 in india

Lord Dalhousie was an imperialist as well as an efficient administrator. By adopting the policy of empire-expansion, he increased the extent of the British Empire in India and the company became the supreme power of India. Various Reforms made by Lord Dalhousie In order to organize and modernize the vast empire, he brought unnecessary reforms […]

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