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How does Ethics differ from Morality?

    Define Ethics and Morality

    Ethics is a set of moral principles widely accepted by social groups, whereas, Morality is individuals’ rules of right and wrong. Ethics originate from outside the self, whereas, morals arrived from within.

    When morals accepted by individuals, large groups, and then by society, ethics is born.

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    Difference between Ethics and Morality

    It is sometimes possible to codify ethics but difficult to codify morality. For example, Ethical codes of conduct in an organization, etc are well codified. Morality, on other hand, is open assumed. For example, politicians accepting a bribe is unethical, a person having an extramarital relationship is immoral.

    Morality is the character of a person whereas ethics has to do with the conduct of a person. Ethics concerns public life and morality concern the private sphere.

    Ethics and morality can often come into conflict in various circumstances, for example:

    1. As a public servant, one is ordered by the court to immediately demolish the illegal shelter homes that are being used by the homeless to take shelter during the winter season. Not Bulldozing the shelter homes would go against professional, whereas, bulldozing perhaps go against individuals morality.
    2. Ethics of lawyer – Even though a lawyer knows about some secrets information, he cannot disclose it in code as it might go against his client.
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