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List of All Major Revolutions in India You Must Know About

    List of All Major Revolutions in India

    Following is the list of All Major Revolutions that took place in India.

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    1. Green revolution – food grain production
    2. White Revolution – Milk Production
    3. Blue Revolution – Fish Production
    4. Full Revolution – Fertilizer Production
    5. Silver Revolution – Egg Production
    6. Yellow Revolution – Oilseeds Production
    7. Krishna Revolution – Biodiesel Production
    8. Red Revolution – Tomato/Meat Production
    9. Galaabi Revolution – Lobster Fish Production
    10. Badami Revolution – Spice Production
    11. Sunhari Revolution – Fruit Production
    12. Amrit Kranti – River Linking Projects
    13. Grey/Gray Revolution – Cement
    14. Round Revolution – Potato
    15. Rainbow Revolution – To monitor all revolutions
    16. Sunrise/Suryoday Kranti- For the development of the electronic industry
    17. Agga Kranti – Water Man of India by Rajendra Singh to create virtue against corruption
    18. Evergreen Revolution – Biotechnology
    19. Saffron Revolution – With saffron production
    20. Gray Revolution – Production of Fertilizers
    21. Green gold revolution – from bamboo production
    22. Mak Revolution – With the production of coarse cereals
    23. Paramani Kranti – From Bhindi Production
    24. Green Gold Revolution – from tea production
    25. Food chain revolution – Doubling the income of Indian farmers by 2020
    26. Khaki revolution – from leather production
    27. White Gold Revolution – From cotton production
    28. N.H.Revolution- From the Golden Quadrilateral Plan

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