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Misuse Of History

    It is a well-known fact that if something useful is misused, it becomes unusable. The same has happened with history. That is why Henry Ford has called history nonsense.

    There is no dearth of incidents in history which proves that some people have misused history for their own benefit. It is true that history has always awakened the spirit of vengeance in the heart of man on the basis of the past.

    When a man acts with vengeance and competition, then he becomes fatal for the whole society and nation. There is no doubt that the usefulness of history is unquestionable. It is a different matter that some ambitious people have misused it for their selfishness and made it unusable for human society. That is why Charles Oommen has called history toxic.

    Hegel also considered history as an immaterial subject. The study of history is often injurious to nationality.

    A vast history can be forgotten for the welfare of human society, but it is also true that a nation that forgets its history has no future. Equally important is the protection of history as a provident fund.

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