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Ripple (XRP) Latest News & Updates Today: Cryptocurrency Daily News Updates

Here you will get the latest news and updates about Ripple (XRP): Every day we’ll be bringing you the latest news, press releases and updates from Ripple – this coin has been making waves in today’s cryptocurrency news. Explore more on Ripple (XRP), and discover more about cryptocurrency trading. Stay Updated with The Latest Ripple XRP News.

Japan’s Largest Used Car Exporter Adds Support For XRP and BTC To Boost Trading Volume

SBI Motor Japan, a Tokyo-based Japanese used car exporting company, has announced that it now accepts XRP and Bitcoin as payment options for its online shop. SBI Group, on the other hand, extended its crypto support by integrating ripple as a payment option in its Morningstar platform. Ripple’s development team is also in talks with the Japanese bank consortium to expand its use case in the country.

In Africa, SBI has set up SBI Africa to explore opportunities. The fintech arm of SBI group also plans on developing various platforms for Bitcoin and XRP trading.

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