Following are the role Economy in the rise of Indian Nationalism

The British colonial rule exploited Indians in every possible way. The economic exploitation was most intense and most widespread.

The Peasants were deprived of their land ownership. Extremely heavy burden of land Revenue was imposed on them.

Indian merchants and Traders were pushed out of economy. Because Trade and Commerce where monopolized by Europeans.

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Indian handicraft industry was destroyed by exploiting Artisans and Craftsmen.

The suffering of Indians under British rule compelled them to raise voice and gradually this voice assumed the form of Indian Nationalism.

Dadabhai Naroji

Leaders like the Dadabhai Naroji carried out analysis of economic impact of British rule in India.

In 1867, he published a pamphlet titled as “England’s debt to India”. In 1871, he published another pamphlet titled as “On the Commerce of India”.

In 1883, he wrote the book “The Poverty and UnBritish rule in India”.

Through these books and pamphlets Dadabhai Naroji enlightened the systematic exploitation of resources under British rule.

This realization of colonial character of British rule played an important role in the emergence of Indian Nationalism.

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