Economic Anthropology with definition and example

Economic Anthropology is the study of different kinds of economic life and its evolution. Aim of Economic Anthropology (by Ralph Piddington) To gather information about economic human nature. To study the process and result of economic contacts. To study primitive society and economic institutions in their most elementary form. Three interrelated aspects of Economic systems […]

Define Religion and its impact on Society

Religion and its impact on Society: Religion is a social-cultural system of a collection of beliefs that are based on the faith in a god or gods and the activities associated with it.

Types of Marriages in the Whole World

Endogamy Endogamy is a marriage within the same group to which we belong to. Examples – Jews, Polynesians, French Canadians and etc. Exogamy Exogamy is marriage outside the group. Example – Gotra exogamy – North Indian Hindu kinship does not marry their brothers and sisters. It is based on lineage. Monogamy Marriage in which a […]

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