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Types of biotic interaction

    There are six types of biotic interaction:

    1. Mutualism – It means both species benefit. For example – Pollination.
    2. Commensalism – It means one species benefits and the other is unaffected. For example – Cow dung provides food and shelter to dung beetles.
    3. Amensalism – It means one species is harmed and the other is unaffected. For example – A large tree Shades a small plant. Here the small tree is harmed and the large tree is unaffected.
    4. Predation and Parasitism – It means one is benefited and the other is harmed. For example – Man eats fish.
    5. Competition – Under this, both species are harmed by the interaction.
    6. Neutralism – It means no benefit or harm to either species.

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