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United Kingdom’s (UK) Indo-Pacific post-Brexit Foreign Policy

    Recently, United Kingdom came out with the most comprehensive foreign and defense policy review since the end of the Cold War details how the nation plans to expand its presence in the Indo-Pacific region post-Brexit.

    Why United Kingdom looking towards the Indo-Pacific?

    • To counter China and Russia’s military and economic threat.
    • The United Kingdom intends to enter into regional security architecture in the region.
    • To safeguard Britain’s own strategic interest in the Indo-Pacific region.
    • To diversify trading partners in the region.
    • Intelligence gathering and sharing.

    United Kingdom's (UK) Indo-Pacific post-Brexit Foreign Policy image

    Recent UK steps towards Indo-pacific region

    • The UK in 2018 challenged China’s illegal claim in the South China sea seen as a policy of appeasement towards the Indo-Pacific region.
    • In 2012, UK signed a defense treaty with Japan. This boosted United Kingdom’s strategic activity in the region.
    • Britain is also looking at “Quad plus” kind of agreement to increase ties with like-minded nations.
    • UK PM  Boris Johnson’s visit to India in April 2021 in the same direction in increasing ties India in particular and Indo-Pacific in general.

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