1. Evox Electric Reclining Wheel chair

The EVOX Electric Reclining Powered Wheel Chair has a motor that is imported from Taiwan to provide long life. 

2. KosmoCare Rider Automatic Reclining Wheelchair

KosmoCare Rider Automatic Reclining Wheelchair is a motorized wheelchair that reclines and has a high backrest. It is lightweight and compact, and can climb up to a 12 degree slope.

3. KosmoCare Power Wheelchair

KosmoCare wheelchair is electric lightweight wheel chair with a range of 20 Km. It can travel with a speed of up to 6 Km/hr. It can be controlled with the aid of joystick.

4. Medical Electrical  WheelChair

This wheelchair has a higher capacity battery, which means it can travel further on one charge. The tires are made of a special material that doesn’t require air and is less likely to get a flat.

5. EVOX WC 101 Wheel chair

The EVOX WC 101 Wheelchair is a top-of-the-line product featuring high-quality steel frame with liquid painting, long-lasting batteries, and manual parking brakes. It is simple to assemble, disassemble, and transport in a car.

6. Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair

The Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair is designed to help those who are physically challenged become independent. It is durable and long lasting, with a weight bearing capacity of up to 100kg.