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What is the importance of History?

    The importance of history is wide. Its use is public. All business transactions are based on history, all scientific results are based on a specialized form of history.
    All journalism is an attempt to write history. Knowledge of politics and the functions of the state is not possible without the knowledge of history.

    History is a mirror that reflects human endeavour. It is a shop free from all the cosmetics of life, where all kinds of intellectual materials are available. Intelligent people can get the things of their life.

    Scientists go to the window to acquire knowledge, for erudition or wisdom, for philosophy, knowledge of truth and primal power, for religion or spirituality and material glory and authority, they go through war, conquest, expansion of empire and tyranny and exploitation of rulers. Let’s look at the pages of related history. The brave man takes shelter of ideals and the powerful man takes materialistic ideas.

    History is a treasure trove of such examples.

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