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What is the Utility of History?

    The utility of history in human life is unquestionable, as it is the story of the development of human society. History is the description of the struggle for the attainment of truth and justice in human society.

    The task of history is the presentation of rough principles and the generalization of historical facts. It combines the uniqueness of truth with the characteristics of drama and heroic poetry. It is a cosmic process.

    The study of history is essential for the growth and development of a nation. Just as knowledge of past related to disease is necessary for a (mental) doctor, in the same way knowledge of past related to nation and society is necessary for a historian.

    The purpose of history is to give humorous education to man like poetry. History not only educates but also trains man. According to Russell, it gives stability and depth to our thoughts and feelings. It is for one’s self-knowledge, history tells what is meant by who we are and that we are we and what is meant by no one else? It brings to light the eternal-natural law on which human conduct is based.

    Predicts the principles of human history to a certain extent and helps to understand human history in relation to the structure of a larger unit of the world.

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